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2Gal. Gasoline Tank EPA in USA

2Gal. Gasoline Tank EPA in USA

More than 70 years ago, he started a home business with little more than a passion for innovation and a drive to be the best Scepter. Before long his small company innovated by blow molding the first military style fuel cans in Canada. Through smart choices and smarter design, the business doubled in size, began to win innovation awards, and earned a full 95% of the global marine fuel tank market.

Scepter Ameri-Can 2 Gallon Gas Can, FG4G211, Red

Easy to Pour - Equipped with the self venting Easy-Flo spout
Red Rugged gas can design with a wide base making it tip resistant
Spill proof with an automatic shut off spout
Great for chain saws, trimmers, and other smaller lawn and garden or automotive equipment
EPA/CARB and Child Safety Compliant