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Lawn Garden > Machete > Tramontina Machete 15" Wood Handle (26625/015)
Product Number: MA-15BW

Tramontina Machete 15" Wood Handle (26625/015)

Tramontina is one of the largest machete manufacturers in the world and their products have been tried and tested all over the world. Made from tough Carbon Steel that is easy to sharpen, the 15" blade can handle any abuse thrown at it. This is a very unique design machete as it has a very broad head, adding extra wight to the head of the blade. This allows this machete to be used not only for clearance, but it can also take on some serios chopping, hence a great all-rounder for the camp site.
  • 15" Carbon steel blade with plain edge
  • Wooden handle safely secured by 3 pins
  • Great Value 
  • Easy to sharpen

 Specifications include:

Total Length: 20"

Blade Length: 15"

Blade Width handle/widest point: 40mm/70mm

Total weight: 311.84 grams

Made in Brazil

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