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10" Meat Knife

10" Butcher Meat Knife

Curved Butcher Knife / Cimeter: This 10-inch curved butcher knife does more than you think. While perfect for cutting through meats, this knife also beautifully slices hard fruits and vegetables. For the veggie lovers out there, use a soft rubber mallet with this knife and it will slice right through butternut and acorn squashes, coconuts, corn on the cob, and more. This knife is more than meets the eye.

Slice, Dice, And Chop: This chopping tool is perfect for cutting up just about anything. Use this knife to slice vegetables for a veggie tray, to chop gourds and other hard-to-cut vegetables, or to quickly slice up your favorite type of meat. For BBQ lovers, this knife is ideal to trim your meats, cut your ribs and much more. No matter the slicing or chopping job, this heavy-duty knife is up to the task. This is a must-have, multi-use tool for your kitchen.

Optimized multi-stage heat treatment with advanced CRYO ice-hardening process for superior edge retention, hardness, durability, and flexibility characteristics
Full-Inner-Tang design for balance and control
Ergonomic handle and SMART-BOLSTER™ design for comfort, control and precision.
Antibacterial handle material for a healthy and safe cooking environment
Textured handle material for better and safer grip
Sharp heel and smooth spine

Knife Specifications:
440/X50CrMoV15 Steel
Curved 10” blade, 5.25” handle
15 degree angled blade edge
55 +/-2 RC Hardness with advanced CRYO Ice-Hardening heat treatment