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Product Number: OC-E

Steel Epoxy

  • Orgafix Steel Epoxy is a medium setting , non-shrinking grey colour general purpose Epoxy adhesive.
  • Orgafix Steel Epoxy exhibit a remarkable combination of properties, high mechanical strength, excellent resistance to most chemical environments and reliable heat resistance.
  • Orgafix Steel Epoxy is a two part adhesive of high viscosity which have a good dimensional and strong adhesion to a variety of substrates.
  • This adhesive also combine reasonable ease of handling with high chemical resistance and mechanical performance after use.
  • Most suitable for plastics industries , casting impregnating and potting system industries, electrical or electronic industries, automotive industries and mortar industries.
  • Bonding of metals and metal alloys, concrete and stone, rubber and concrete, ceramic materials, glassware, knobs, fiberglass repair, china, porcelain, wood leather, paper , textiles etc.
  • In order to secure perfect bonding, it is recommended to pretreat the surface by removing moisture, application dust, grease, rust, paint, oxide and all other foreign matters from the bonding surface before of Orgafix Steel Epoxy.
  • To obtain the best bonding result it is recommended to use suitable primer on bonding surfaces before applying the adhesive.
  • Mixed Steel Epoxy resin to Steel hardener thoroughly in a ratio of 1 : 1 by volume.
  • After mixing, use all the mixed adhesive within 1 hour.
  • Apply a thin layer of Steel Epoxy mixture on both side of the bonding surface.
  • Assemble bonding surface before mixture become gel.
  • After assemble apply suitable pressure on the bonding surface to ensure the mixture would spread evenly and thoroughly between the bonding surfaces.
  • Allow cure time for 5 hours. The mixture will be fully cure after 24 hours.
  • Application should be carried out in a well ventilated area.
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