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Automotive > Accessories > 1/2"X20' Kinetic Tow Rope
Product Number: TOW-20

1/2"X20' Kinetic Tow Rope

This 7/8in. dia. x 20ft.L Grip Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope is the safest and easiest way to get a vehicle unstuck from mud, sand or snow. As the rope stretches, it builds up kinetic energy, like a rubber band. Once the rope reaches maximum stretch, it starts to return to its original length, absorbing jounce upon take off. High-visibility green color. Includes zippered carry pouch.

  • Measures 20ft.L x 7/8in. diameter
  • Safe working load limit of 10,985 lbs.
  • 21,970 lb. breaking capacity
  • Kinetic energy rope system is safe and easy to use
  • Absorbs jounce upon takeoff


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