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Automotive > Jump Starter > Mini Jump Starter w/Pump JB1234
Product Number: JS-1

Mini Jump Starter w/Pump JB1234

  • Multi-function 12V Car Emergency jump starter/Car battery charger      
  • With LED display to show percentage of Power and output voltage     
  • Compatible working with  Car,cell phone, PSP, MP3/MP4/MP5,tablet PC(Ipad), PDA,notebook,Laptop     
  • With high capacity high power Lithium Cobalt to support fast charging and low self-discharge     
  • With more than 1000times charging and discharging cycles     
  • Support 12V car emergency jump start with  flash light for torch and SOS function     
  • Input Voltage:15V/1A     
  • Multi-output Voltage:5V/2.1A*2,12V/16V/19V-3.5A     
  • Starting Current :300A(<2S)     
  • Peak current:600A     
  • Working Temperature:-20℃-70℃

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