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Power Tools > Accessories (Saw Blade) > 10pc 0918 Reciprocating Saw Blade
Product Number: SAW-BPS0918AF

9 in. x 10-18 Teeth per in. Thick Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade (10 Pack)

Avanti Pro reciprocating saw blades provide top quality performance at a low price. These blades feature the fastest plunge tip on the market which means faster job completion. Variable tooth technology provides faster cuts with less vibration.

  • Model # PS0918AF
  • Up to 2X longer cutting life versus standard bi-metal blades
  • Patented variable tooth technology provides faster cuts with less vibration
  • Faster cutting speed than standard bi-metal blades
  • Longer cutting life than standard bi-metal blades
  • Ideal for cutting medium metal 3/32 in. - 5/16 in.


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