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Electrical > Extension Cord > Monster Cable 6 Foot Power Cord
Product Number: EC-PD6

Monster Cable 6 feet 3 prong PowerDryer 300 AC Power Cable for Electric Dryer

The Monster PowerDryer 300 is designed for high current power transfer, convenience and durability. The heavy-duty Duraflex jacket resists tearing, fraying and kinking while the 24k gold contact FlatProfile plug provides maximum conductivity without taking up much space. There's even a PowerFlow indicator light.
Duraflex Jacketing

When was the last time you looked closely at your electric dryer's power cord? Considering most are tucked away behind the appliance, you'd be hard pressed to tell if it has been torn, damaged or become loose. With years of lint built-up, detergent, chlorine spills (or worse) lurking behind your dryer, you'll appreciate the peace of mind you get with the protection of a high-quality Monster PowerDryer power cord. Monster surrounds PowerDryer 300 with heavy-duty conductors in ultra-flexible, kink and tear-resistant Duraflex material. Snags or rips that can expose dangerous, live high-voltage electrical conductors are minimized. The Duraflex jacket is also designed to resist a wide variety of corrosive chemicals commonly found in laundry areas.

PowerFlow Diagnostic Indicator

When a major appliance stops working, the first thing most people do is scratch their heads and wonder "Is it the appliance, or the power?" One glance at the PowerFlow Indicator and you'll know if it's time to check the circuit breaker or call a repair technician. If the light is glowing, you know the outlet is "live" and the problem lies with your dryer. If there is no light, check the circuit breaker or call an electrician. It's that easy and convenient.

24k Contacts and Dual-Point Strain Relief

Everyone knows that common brass tarnishes over time. Not so with Monster's 24k gold contact connections. Gold contacts optimize power transfer while resisting corrosion that the laundry room environment may cause. Monster's StressGuard strain relief, designed into the heavy-duty injection molded plug, reduces harmful stress when pulled. The metal strain relief included in the PowerDryer kit keeps the dryer-side connections from coming loose when the cord is jostled - like when cleaning lint build-up. A special plating resists corrosion as well.

Additional Specifications
  • 24k Gold Contact Plug
  • Maximum Corrosion Resistance and Power Transfer
  • PowerFlow Power Status Indicator Light
  • Heavy-Duty Duraflex Jacket Resists Tearing and Kinking
  • FlatProfile Plug Allows Your Dryer To Be Placed Close To Wall
  • StressGuard Flexible, Molded Strain Relief
  • Fine Strand Construction
  • High-Strength Metal Strain Relief
  • Designed for High Current Power Transfer, Convenience and Durability
Manufacturer Specifications
  • 220v
  • 30 Amp
  • 3 Prong
Dimensional Specifications
  • 6 ft. in Length


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