1. How to register?

[A] : You will need to establish a new account

        Click on the "register" link found in the upper right corner of Home page.

       Enter the required information, click on the "Register" button at the bottom of the page.

       You've now established an account with Altocraft.com

       Wait for approval within 24 hours, you should be able to sign in

       If you are our old customer, and found the email you are using to register is already been used, it is

            because we did the register for you, and you need contact us for your password. You can change

            the password later.

2. How to purchase on Altocraft.com?

[A] : After you sign in, you can surf our web and make purchase right there. Once you done, just send us the email, our representative will contact you and send you the formal sales order.

3. What’s the payment method?

[A] : Altocraft.com accepts cash, cashier check, major credit card and PayPal.

4. Does the product look exactly like the picture?

[A] : No. Since sometimes the same product came from different factory, the picture and the actually item will have a little difference. But the function should be the same.

5. What’s your company policy?

[A] :  New customers in the State of Florida must provide a copy of Sellers Permit / Tax ID #.

        All sales are final. No Refunds No Warranty

        All freight is paid by the customer collect

        All Prices are F.O.B Miami, Altocraft USA warehouse.

        Minimum order is USD100.00. If the order is less than USD100.00, 20% surcharge will be applied.

        Due to market fluctuations, Prices, Quantities and Packaging are subject to change without notice

        All Prices are subject to Approval by Altocraft USA and confirm by customer.     

6. How can I search all the products you have?


   [A] Tips: you can put  - in search box, then press search, you can see all the products we carry page by page.

       also, you can put the product name in the search box, you can find the exact the product you are looking for.

7. For all Altocraft vendors:


[A] Package requirement from Altocraft USA: 

1.       每箱产品数量小于或等于48pcs , the case quantity need equal or less than 48pcs
2.       箱子长宽高各边小于25”, the length of each side of case must less than 25”.
3.箱子(包括外箱和内盒)上要列出model#(PT-DR38), 产品名称, 每箱多少个 (case Qty)和产品的UPC  Barcode. The master box and the inner box must print the model #, the name of the product, the quantity and the barcode.